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Sleeping on the wrong pillow would increase the feeling of neck and shoulder pain, and cause an increased feeling of numbness in the hands in some cases of snoring.

Here are some things to consider when buying a pillow:

Choose the pillow that fits your preferred sleeping position:
1- If you are one of those who sleep because they have sinned, the pillow you choose should be of medium thickness, suitable, and the head is not too high or at the level of the mattress.
2- If your preferred sleeping position is on the back.
3- If you prefer to sleep on your side, then you need a pillow for your head and fill the space between your ear and your shoulder, meaning that the pillow should be more solid.
4- If you sleep, bird, bird, bird, night bird, bird, bird, choose, bird, bird, bird, bird, bit, appropriate

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1- A latex pillow, which is one of the hardest types of pillows, and it fights mold and dust mites. This type of pillow supports the neck, by aligning it with the back.
2- The pillow and the wool: a watch that is low in allergenicity and resistant to mold and dust mites, and it is somewhat hard.
3- Providing the support that we are honored to provide in this party.
4- Sponge pillow: This pillow supports the head in the appropriate way, and there are different shapes that make it easier for you to choose the most appropriate for your sleeping position.

It is not worth choosing the most outwardly expensive pillow, or knowing your need and the most suitable for you is the most important in the process, and not the most expensive price.

Try the pillow before buying it in the store, and it is preferable to put it on the wall and then put your head modestly on the wall as the mattress, and ask someone to make sure that your neck is with your column, in this case the pillow is suitable for you.

Finally, your pillow should be thrown out every 12-18 times, roughly, to fly, third, third, third, third, third, third, third, and third, and wash and cover the pillow every now and then too.

Remember that the right sleeping pad for you may not suit others, consult them and rely only on their opinion, but listen to your body and your comfort.

Pillow leave, good, good, good, good, good, good and wonderful, good sleep includes good signs, the most important of which are:

Reducing the risk of obesity and overweight
Diabetes prevention
Reducing Cure Rate

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Promotes sexual health
Boosts the immune system and its function and prevents you from infection
It helps you relieve stress and promotes mental health.

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